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Digitize a Cutwork Butterfly using Embird Studio

Follow this great video tutorial and learn how to create a Cutwork butterfly using Embird Studio.

Video 1 - Duration 2:05" - Size 2.7 mb

Video 2 - Duration 4:07" - Size 5 mb

Video 3 - Duration 3:53" - Size 5.2 mb

Video 4 - Duration 3:37" - Size 4.9 mb

Video 5 - Duration 4:31" - Size 6.2 mb

Video 6 - Duration 5:33" - Size 9.6 mb

Video 7 - Duration 4:08" - Size 6.5 mb

Video 8 - Duration 3:02" - Size 4.8 mb

Hello, my name is Francesca Rosini, like many other sewing and embroidery enthusiasts; I grew up surrounded by pins and needles, and inherited my passion for sewing from my mom, a very talented seamstress who emigrated to Canada where I was born. I now live in Italy with my husband and two daughters.

In 2003, soon after the birth of my second child, I finally decided to get an embroidery machine. Little did I know that I would soon become hooked to digitizing!

Turning to the internet for information on my new hobby, I was pleasantly surprised to find many others who shared my passion. Slowly and with the generous help of so many people who share their knowledge about machine embroidery and digitizing through mailing lists and sites likes this one, I started wetting my feet. I concentrated my interest in Embird because the programme was sold as a modular system and it was all I could afford at the time. So I started out with just Embird and Studio and then added other plug-ins in time. I fell in love with the programme!

I have my own website Incanto Embroidery where you can find my embroidery designs for sale and many free samples, obviously all are digitized manually with Embird Studio. I am also working on a series of on-line video tutorials for Embird. I would be thrilled if you would stop by and have a look around.

Together with Fabiola Leone, I moderate the italian yahoo group Embird Club Italia where many italian speaking embroidery enthusiasts share their passion for Embird.

Francesca Rosini


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