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How to make a Pretty Monogram in Bernina Artista version 5

This lesson will show you how you can make a very pretty Monogram; it’s quick and simple and gives stunning results.
Nothing spurs a beginner more than getting a good result, so give it a try.

Use the built in fonts rather than True Type fonts at least until you’re more advanced as the built in fonts have been professionally digitised and will give good results each time

Video 1 - Size 8.7 mb

Let me introduce myself, my name is June Atherton and I am from the UK.

I have used several different soft wares over the years but the one I have been with the longest (since version 1) and use all the time is Bernina’s Artista.

As far back as I can remember I have always loved to make things, even gathering the petals from Granny’s garden flowers and putting them in water and bottling them, only to find that I had indeed not produced perfume, but something that if smelt would make ones eyes water, but undeterred, I went on trying all sorts of things, cotton reels with nails in them and making cord, we called it French knitting.
I was also allowed to sew on my Gran’s machine, which I now have and will not part with, an old Singer with the boat shaped bobbin.

Luckily now we have some awesome machines and software to satisfy that craving we have to produce things of our own making, this for me includes embroidery designs, so software and I hit it off from the word go.

Of course that not only meant learning the software, but how to digitise too.

As it was all rather new then and even dealers had not used a computer, it was a case of  your on your own,  since those days anything to do with digitising I  soak up like blotting paper, but knowing how  frustrating it can be to not only learn the software, but how to get that design to sew out how one imagines it , in other words understanding the digitising process, I started teaching and  passing on what I knew to others, so that they too could get the delight of seeing their ideas come to life.

I now run two Yahoo groups Nostalgiatime-digitising, for the more advanced students and ND –first -semester for the first few designs done with my lessons, students then, once having grasped the early lessons move over to the Nostalgiatime group.

I check every students design and give them feedback on that design, and if I find that several students are having a problem in one area then I will put another small lesson on my website,  for them to download explaining what the problem is and how it’s solved

Thank you Clipartopolis for allowing me to reach more people who want to learn to digitise.


Yahoo Groups: Nostalgiatime-digitising & ND –first -semester


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