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Clipartopolis University

Clipartorama Walkthrough

This is a 3 parts videotutorial. It will introduce you to new artwork composition software. Clipartorama.

A guided tour to the software interface and a mini tutorial about creating a scene with Dressing Melissa Clipack and more.

Video 1 - Duration 3:06" - Size 1.9 mb

Video 2 - Duration 4:21" - Size 3.9 mb

Video 3 - Duration 3:34" - Size 3 mb

Hi, my name is Sue Lough and I live in England about 10 miles from London. My website is – I mainly concentrate on video tutorials teaching PE design software from V.4 up to the latest V.7.  I do have a few design sets for sale which I enjoy making  when I am not teaching. I like to digitize using my own artwork.

 I also run the yahoo group memories-in-thread-digitizing. I aim to have a new digitizing lesson available every 2 months which members can download for a very small fee and all members receive individual help and attention

I first got my embroidery machine about 12 years ago and  then purchased PE design starting with V.2 – I only used it to download designs from the internet and write to my card – I just thought digitizing was for other people – it was far too complicated for me.

I then saw a small tutorial about digitizing in Layout & Editing – you didn’t need to use Design Centre – no – that can’t be true – so I followed the simple instructions and produced my first design – I was so excited and pleased when I watched that design stitching on my embroidery machine.

My online lessons started with a small group in England and then just over 2 years ago I started Memories yahoo group. My aim is to help everyone understand their software and produce their own designs.



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