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  • INSTANT REDWORK*: by clicking a single button you will be able to transform your current scene from color to a true redwork design, not just red outlines, but a true redwork version with red shading lines and connected lines when needed.
    How to apply: drag some objects to the canvas and then press the new RW button, your scene will be converted to Redwork. You can continue adding objects in Redwork mode, and you can convert your scene again to color by simply deactivating the RW button.
  • Multiple selection now allows scaling of multiple objects at the same time, rotation, duplication, deletion, moving, flipping vertically and horizontally.
    How to use: select more than one object by creating a selection square around the desired objects. You can also add many designs to de selection by SHIFT clicking the desired objects. In order to subtract designs to your selection, click again that object but using the ALT key.
  • You can now select multiple objects and group them, they will be grouped until you ungroup them. Great for handling your compositions.
  • How to use: when you have selected more than 1 object, by pressing CTRL + G you will group them. Then you can select them again as a group and move, scale, etc. If you want to ungroup them, select the grouped objects and press CTRL + U.
  • You can now select multiple objects and center them in the canvas by just pressing the new CENTER to CANVAS button.
  • With the new ALIGN tool you can align several object to the top, center, bottom, left or right.
  • With the new DISTRIBUTE EVENLY you can select several objects and distribute them in the canvas at the same distance between them horizontally or vertically.
  • Another major feature is that you can now IMPORT WMF or EMF graphics to work with. Of course, they won't convert to INSTANT REDWORK because they are not clipartorama galleries, but you can now work with clipart purchased or created by other softwares.
  • Clipartorama now allow you to export in PNG and GIF files with Transparent background, which is a GREAT feature for card making and scrap-booking.
  • Custom Canvas size, great for special size hoops or card making and scrap-booking hobbyists.

    *only for Clipartorama Clipacks and Addons


Selected galleries in this promo can't be Limited Edition sets, only those that are indicated as free downloads
for Clipartorama Subcribers.

Before purchasing check:
Software License agreement & Clipartorama Contents License of use

Based on our high-quality artwork you will be able to create your own clipart in a super easy way. The final result will impress you and your customers. And even better, the number of different combinations or results is practically infinite.
You must be asking yourself, Create my own clipart? Should I know how to draw? Is this another program I have to learn by reading hundreds of pages?
I can assure you that you will be using the program and creating your clipart in about 10 minutes after you start using it. Clipartopolis will be creating the ready-to-use clipart that will be loaded into the numerous Clipacks and Add-ons galleries and you will be using your creativity to develop brand new scenes and clipart to use.
You can adjust the canvas to the project you are working on, 4x4, 5x7, 7x5 or any other size you choose and you can export the final composition into JPG, BMP, WMF, GIF, PNG, EMF, TIFF formats. You can also choose the output resolution you want, targeting for embroidery or printing.

You will have access to the full version of the software and you will be able to download all regular Clipacks and Add-ons uploaded in every week for free. The subscription monthly fee is $ 50. You can also get a special annual subscription for $450.

You will have a user and a password that will give you access to run the software and to download the regular clipacks and add-ons uploaded to our catalogue of Clipartorama galleries.

You can also buy and use for your compositions the Limited Edition and Time Limited galleries we will be posting every week.

When you subscribe you will have access to a 30-day or 365-day subscription. Let's say that you subscribe on January 25th for a monthly subscription, in case you unsubscribe your account will be active until February 25th. If you don't unsubscribe, your account will be renewed automatically. Once your subscription has expired, you won't have access to the software. If you have Clipartorama for Subscribers, you will only have access to use it when your subscription status is active.

Clipartorama for Subscribers is the best choice for Embroidery Digitizers who want to have access to tons of galleries for their embroidery projects and want to use their unlimited creativity to develop new and original compositions.

Think of Clipartorama for Subscribers as a "Rented Software and galleries", because you rent our exclusive software and all the available galleries available for subscribers at a fixed monthly cost. You will be able to use them while your account is active.

*With Clipartorama for subscribers, you don't need anything else, the software is already included in the subscription.

*Internet connection is needed at Login. Once you're logged in, you can use it without Internet connection.

Before purchasing check:
Software License agreement & Clipartorama Contents License of use

If you think that you prefer to work with this software from time to time, or maybe as a hobby, then it might be better to get the stand alone version. This version comes with 4 Add-ons and 1 Clipack. Of course, you will be able to build up your content galleries by purchasing all the regular Clipacks and Add-ons at as well as the Limited edition or time limited galleries.

By purchasing this version, you won't have restrictions in the periods of use and you don't have to login each time you run the software. But you will be limited to the galleries you purchase, for your creations.

The price for Clipartorama Stand alone version is $99.-

This includes:
Clipartorama v1.5 Stand Alone version - Digital download (no CD is delivered)
4 Add-ons: Eyes, Color Shapes, Arms & Legs and Hearts. 1 Clipack: Snowman

Before purchasing check:
Software License agreement & Clipartorama Contents License of use


Lots of our Customers are already enjoying our Clipartorama Software:

"I just wanted to tell you again how fun & wonderful your new software is. You are one of the first people who say - it's so easy - & it REALLY is. I'm having a blast with it!! Already did my first design with it - in only a few minutes!! THANKS" Joy

"It is the best thing I have ever seen, as I am creative but can’t draw at all so it is perfect for me.  Thanks for designing it." Vicki

"Not 15 minutes into trying the program I knew I was hooked! I absolutely adore the Clipartorama software. It is extremely easy to use (without having to spend hours practising) and the results are amazing. The only limit to what you can do with the clipart program is set by your own imagination. Thank you very much for allowing me to remain on the cutting edge of graphic technology with this fantastic software!" Janet

In order to use this software
your system have to meet the following system requirements
Windows® 2000, NT, XP or VISTA - Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz
or faster processor (or equivalent)
128MB of RAM - 150 Mb of free space in your Hard Disk